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CatLicious Tuna Fish Catlicious

CatLicious Tuna Fish

For discerning palate cats, there is nothing better than a delicious tuna snack flavor. CatLicious Tuna Fish has been specially developed with fine ingredients, crunchy crust and stuffed inside.

Images merely illustrative. Snack enlarged to demonstrate texture.
Catlicious Catlicious

Do you know how many CatLicious Tuna Fish your little cat can consume a day? Discover here the ideal daily quantity for its health and fun:

Provide from 5 to 10 units a day as a treat.


Moisture (max.) 120g/kg (12%), Crude Protein (min.) 300g/kg (30%), Crude Fat (min.) 120g/kg (12%), Crude Fiber (max.) 40g/kg (4%), Ash (max.) 90g/kg (9%), Calcium (max.) 24g/kg (2,4%), Phosphorus (min.) 6500mg/kg (0,65%).

Poultry by-product meal , Corn gluten meal, Wheat flour, Soybean meal, Ground yellow corn, Taurine, Ground flaxseed, Pork fat, Poultry fat, Hydrolyzed deboned chicken, Tapioca flour, Primary dried yeast, Salt, Acacia gum, Glycerin, Calcium propionate, Potassium chloride, Dicalcium phosphate, Potassium sorbate, Choline Chloride, Tuna flavor, Titanium dioxide color, Antioxidant additives (BHA, BHT), Vitamin mineral premix.

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